How much is a Hog Roast?

That is the question?

Before I answer that you need to know what are the options to you. A hog roast can be done as a fully catered Cook and Carve Service or as a Hog Roast Hire only. All depends on your requirements and budgets.

The Cook and Carve service is more bespoke to your needs and is flexible with the menu structure. The hog roast machine hire only or the inclusive 'Ready to Go' hogroast hire options are simple and more for the people that want to get involved in the preparation, cooking and carving.

But before we get into the details on how much is a hog roast I want to ensure if you are going down the DIY route that you know what you are getting yourself in to.

Hog Roast Hire, what are the options?

If you are looking to do a DIY Hog roast and need a company that specialises in Hog Roast hire in Surrey, Sussex or London then you have come to the right place.

When looking to do a hog roast, the first question that will come into your mind is should I do it myself or should I get caters in?

Considerations for a DIY Hog Roast


You will need access to be able to locate the machine as close to the food area as possible. Believe me this is sometimes overlooked. Once we had to lift a hog roast machine over a 10ft. wall because the client overlooked the fact that we could not get the machine in. His comments were I didn’t think the machine would be so big.


Once in location you generally want to allow a certain element of space for ease of access into the machine and also for isolating the machine from other people. The machine once on can generate lots of heat and will burn the skin instantly on touch so it needs to be positioned with a sense of caution in mind. The last thing you want is a burns incident whilst you are also trying to cater for an event that you are hosting.

Hired Muscle

I am not sexist here so will keep this open as I have met some mighty strong women in my time, not to mention ladies that are particularly fond of cooking a hog roast. The point here is there will be an element of physical work when doing a hog roast. The machine whilst on wheels and movable is quite weighty and requires an element of strength to move. You also have to factor in the Hog or pig on the spit bar with all the attachment s in place. As a rule that will come in at 50kg plus as a minimum. So when looking to place the machine and pig on the spit it is best to have two people to help in the process. Generally as part of our DIY Hog Roast hire service we will deliver the machine and locate it in a position that will suit the venue and your requirements. Once in place, it should not be required to move again until the pick-up and removal, again which is done by us.

Preparing the Pig on a Spit

This is all done as standard within our DIY hog roast hire package but some people are hard core hog roasters and want to make a spectacular show of the event. You can source your own hog and prepare it yourself ready for the day. With that in mind you will need to understand how to fix the pig on a spit. We were going to do a video to show you our process but then we found this video they have it all covered. So watch the video below and enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed that. Even if you are going to get the pig from us at least you will know what to expect when the hog arrives.

Hog Roast Cooking Times

As they say Good things come to those who wait and there is no better wait than accompanied by the smell of a pig on the spit. As a rule a hog roast will take 7 hours to cook, so factor this in with timings and preparation for the event.

Also bear in mind the time of the year when cooking a hog roast. In the middle of summer, times can range from 6-8 hours depending on the size of the pig. Winter is completely different, low outside temperatures massively increase cooking times as I found out the first time did one. As a rule I would allow for a 1-2 hour increase in cooking times, again all dependent on the size of the pig being cooked.


Like any good catering event it is about ensuring the guest are fed promptly and the food is delicious, so with that in mind you have to consider how you are going to serve the pig on the day. You have two options:

Carve from the pig

This is a very visual element and all the guests get the pleasure of getting meat cut straight of the bone and placed directly into their plate or bun. The down side of this is it is incredible slow in doing so. Factor in 100-200 guests and the people at the end of the line can get quite hungry by the end of it.


As a caterer this is by far the most effective way to feed lots of people the fastest way possible. The pig is taken from the spit at least 45 mins before the anticipated serving time. It is carved up and plated in warming dishes so as to keep the meat warm and succulent. Once ready to serve, the guest can help themselves or can be served by a helping hand. I would suggest a helping hand serve out the meat as people on their first helpings tend to be a little large. Better to serve everyone up equal amounts first then allow them to come back for seconds after.

So there you go you will have to decide what option suits you and your guests on the night.


Hog Roast Prices

Hopefully you now have a clearer idea of what you are after. Our prices cover the fully catered Cook and Carve options as well as the DIY service. Just leave your email address below and our prices list will be in your inbox ready for you to read. Should you have any other questions after that please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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